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My name is Loic.​ I have been a Therapist in London UK since 2012.

I specialise in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries with

fighting athletes  using different manual therapy techniques

and treatment modalities (Sports Massage, Acupuncture,

Electrotherapy, joint mobilization ..) exercises, Stretches and mobility drills.

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I also focus on rehabilitation after an injury, Pre and Post surgery training and Rehab, balance and strength foundation training.

I work in partnership with practitioners from different disciplines (osteopathy, Chiropractic, Doctors, Podiatrist...) so I can always make sure athletes get the best possible treatment and only have to focus on one thing, performing to their best abilities.

This also allows me to learn and understand more different disciplines, challenge my beliefs,  and in the process, making me a better more knowledgeable therapist.

I work with , help and treat Kickboxers, World Champion MMA fighters, Muay Thai fighters, Boxers, BJJ fighters and MMA fighters (Click here to see sponsored athletes)


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Nathan Greyson

  • Former Cage Warrior World Champion

  • Current Bellator Fighter


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Tel: 07906233891