Injury Prevention and treatment

As a therapist, my first goal to help prevent injuries before treating them. Prevention over treatment.

injuries can set you back in your training, keep you away from the gym, and keep you away from competing to your highest level. So don't wait until an injury shows up, be pro-active and prevent any set back by getting regular treatments and by doing self maintenance.

Preventing injuries involves the use different manual therapy techniques, Stretches, Mobility drills and exercise, Rehab exercises.

Receiving regular treatment can help to prevent injuries and or catch the injuries before they create further problems.

Clinics locations

Weekly Schedule

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Genesis Mind and body

LG12, the Shepherds building

Richmond way

London - W12 0DA

Tues : 1pm to 6pm

Frid : 1pm to 6pm

Notting Hill Chiropractic

103 Westbourne park villas

London W2 5ED

Thu : 2pm to 10pm

Fri : 8am to 12pm

On location treatment

If you are unable to come to any of these clinic location, or if you'd rather have me come to your gym, training camp or home, please use the contact form (click HERE) and i will be happy to travel directly to you.