On Location Work

Throughout my career and to this day, I've been invited to work away from my London clinics on Side pitch, gyms, training camps, all around the UK and around Europe .

I have been a part of the treatment and support of athletes for many years now.

For the fighting athlete, having an experienced therapist on location (in your gym, training camp, travelling to fight) can be a huge advantage and can create lots of positivity, reassurance and help along the way.

Warming up, mobility work, assisted stretching, taping, manual treatment, joint mobilisation, acupuncture....


These are some of the services I can provide fighting athletes during their time off and during their training camp, so their only concern is to perform to their best of ability without worrying about a muscle aches, back pain, niggly shoulder...

I also offer on location services. If you can't get to any of my London clinics (Click HERE to see Clinic locations) , I could come to directly to you, to your gym and or to your camp.

Enjoy the benefit of having a professional and dedicated therapist in your gym.

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